“The God”: God Shammgod


Now, back in 2001 Nike dropped it’s “basketball freestyle commercial”. You know, the one where numerous NBA players and New York playground legends showcased their sick handle and basketball moves. The spot featured Nike athletes, Vince Carter, Jason Williams (white chocolate), Darius Miles, Rasheed Wallace, Paul Pierce, Baron Davis, Lamar Odom, WNBA Stars Chamique Holdsclaw, Sheryll Swoopes, Dawn Staley, and numerous street ballers from the mecca, New York City. Even the “Ice Man” George Gervin made an appearance.

Quite frankly the only thing missing was, The God. God Shammgod (aka Shammgod Wells), a New York street ball legend in his own right, just may have the best handle of all time. The Brooklyn born Shammgod, honed his skills on the streets of Manhattan, taking names and ankles at will. Shammgod was teammates with Ron Artest at La Salle  Academy in NY, and after participating in the McDonald’s All-American Game, “the God” headed off to play ball at Providence College.

After leading PC to the Elite 8 in his Sophomore season (he gave Mike Bibby 23 points and 5 dimes in the loss), Shammgod declared for the 1997 NBA Draft and was selected by the Washington Wizards in the second round. Leaving PC early was a big mistake, as Shammgod only appeared in 20 games as a rookie, and by year two he was out of the NBA. He then played for numerous teams across China for the next ten years. Shammgod gave up pro ball in 2009 and is now a trainer. While he never became a star in the NBA, Shammgod is a New York basketball legend, and to this day he is still crossing up cats on the blacktop.

Here are some videos of Shammgod in action, including one where he explains what it felt like to teach Kobe Bryant the infamous “Shammgod crossover”. I even threw in the Nike freestyle commercial for your viewing pleasure.


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