My Week With Camp E.R.R.O.L. By @ProfessorCorria


 “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.” This quote from General George S. Patton brings into focus the mission that Calvin Jones and the rest of the Camp E.R.R.O.L. staff are trying to accomplish. Calvin Jones has surrounded himself with a remarkable group of creative basketball minds who are dedicated to preparing current and future generations of basketball players. From tragedy, the slaying of 15 year Providence youth Errol Clinton, who was the victim of a random act of violence, has risen a safe haven where youth from all over the New England Area can come to improve themselves as athletes and young men and women. Their mission is to promote the importance of Education, Respect, Responsibility, Opportunity and Leadership for the next generation of student athletes. The staff at Camp E.R.R.O.L. is making it “cool” to get in the gym and put in the requisite work in order to reach the celling of your potential. Everyone sees Kobe Bryant or LeBron James make it look easy when they are out there playing, but no one takes into account all the work they had to do when  no one was watching.


 Calvin Jones, a recent graduate of Johnson & Wales University, has assembled a diverse staff, who’s coaching and playing experience are what allow them to impart wisdom to the campers. Antone Gray, current LaSalle Academy Freshman head coach and former Rhode Island College Point Guard, does a great job working with campers on their ball handling and other guard skills. Former LaSalle Varsity head coach and current Team Expressions EYBL coach Marc Bayha uses his knowledge of the game in order to put the kids through a series of drills and fundamental stations. Instructors Gregory Holt and Juan Carter move the campers through several conditioning exercises using medicine balls and agility ladders. Volunteers Michael Clarke and Lawrence Sabir helped ease the kids in and out of drills, realizing a few short years ago they were in those very same shoes. You can tell that the campers hold the coaches in high regard because they put forth maximum effort from the moment the whistle blows.


 The first thing you notice when you walk into the West End Recreation Center is the hefty amount of kids in a relatively small gym and you wonder how it’s all going to come together? Then at 9 O’clock the whistle blows and every camper stands at attention, and Calvin Jones and his staff go to work. The kids warm up with running and some dynamic stretching, then are broken up into small groups, and are moved from station to station. Everything is fast paced, whether the kids are working on their conditioning, ball handling, or shooting coming of screens. With everything synchronized and functioning like a well-oiled machine you would be surprised to find out that Calvin Jones doesn’t make a practice plan or write anything down. He has every drill and workout station in his head. This came as a shock, but since he trains every level of athlete from NBA player to a novice, he probably has hundreds of dills floating around his head.


 Camp E.R.R.O.L. was a great experience for the both the campers and staffers, in which they brought out the best in each other. The future of New England basketball was on display during this 4 day camp, in which there were over 60 participants ages 10-14. There were a number of great players, however there were a few that stood out above the crowd. Here are a few names that you should keep your eyes and ears open for in the coming years:


(The Mitchell Twins)

Charlie Mitchell- Boston, MA. 8th grade, Tobin Middle School. AAU: Team expressions

A tremendous play maker, and a leader who has a motor that will not stop humming. He is a very streaky shooters, who looks to attack the rim and has a great overall floor game.

Charles Mitchell- Boston, MA. 8th grade, Tobin Middle School. AAU: Team Expressions

Is a tenacious, energetic player at both ends of floor. He plays extremely well in concert with his twin brother Charlie because he looks to score.

David Duke: Providence, RI. 8th grade, Paul Cuffie School. AAU: Team Expressions

By far the most skilled player in attendance, can play anywhere from the 1 to the 3, but has to look to be more aggressive in asserting himself. David is an extremely hard worker, very coachable and a great kid.

Timmy Holt: North Providence, RI. 7th grade, St Augustine’s School. AAU: RI Hawks

He is within his shooting range as soon as he walks into the gym, possesses a high basketball I.Q., and a great feel for the game.

Zach Simpson: Exter, RI. 7th grade, LaSalle Academy. AAU: Team Providence

A very hard worker, who plays with a great deal of passion, and can score inside and out. He also has an extremely effective floater, and is going to be a very good player in the future.

Jamari Johnson: Providence, RI. 8th grade, Nathaniel Greene. AAU: Team Expressions

A tenacious shot blocker and rebounder, with the ability to score from 15 feet and in. Once he matures physically and as a player he will be a terror.

Tyler Kolek : Cumberland, RI. 6th Grade. AAU: RI Hawks

A very good shooter and playmaker, who is a bit nonchalant. Once he becomes a more aggressive player he will be dominating a basketball court near you.

Elijah Ramos: Pawtucket, RI.  8th grade, Woodlawn Christian Academy. AAU: RI Hawks

A very deft point guard, who possess a great feel for the game. However, he needs to look to score a bit more and work on his quickness and agility.

I was present at Camp E.R.R.O.L. for their February winter break training session from the 19th to the 22nd, at The West End Recreation Center. I would like to extend a big thanks Calvin Jones and the rest of the Camp E.R.R.O.L. staff for allowing access to their camp. If you are interested in workout sessions, personal training, and future camps please visit for all contact information.


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