CAMP E.R.R.O.L. “Bucketsville Academy” Preview By @ProfessorCorria


“Some Athletes quit training because it’s hard. But what’s harder: Sweat and muscle soreness, or knowing you gave up? If you want athletics to be your life you MUST commit to it, because talent alone isn’t enough. A lot of individuals have talent; talent alone doesn’t lead to success. To BE more, you have to be willing to DO more. You must be #Relentless.”- Tim Grover.


     Not everyone is destined for the NBA or a top flight division 1 basketball program, but are you willing to get the most out of your abilities that you possibly can? Are you willing to push yourself physically, as well as mentally, in order to realize your full potential as basketball player? If so, Camp ERROL should be your desired destination. Calvin Jones and his marvelous staff of basketball experts are doing great things with players of all ages, skill level and abilities. The buzz that Camp ERROL is generating is deafening because they are making it trendy and chic to get in the gym and workout. How many times do you see a player and think to yourself, “Man, if he had just worked on his game, he really could have made something of himself.” To witness Calvin Jones and the ERROL staff in motion is a beautiful sight to behold. Not only are they well versed in how to train athletes, but you can tell they care about the kids that they are instructing. If you’re willing to put the work in the Camp ERROL staff will meet you morning, noon or night, and make sure your receiving the necessary tools in order to improve as a player. Remember that you can train every muscle in your body but the one that matters the most in the cauldron of competition is the one that beats in your chest.

From April 15th -19th the Camp ERROL team will be holding their “Bucketsville Academy” at the West End Recreation Center in Providence, Rhode Island. This particular week’s session will be focused on working on several different ways to score the basketball. Remember, it always has been, and will be about “getting buckets”. The Middle School session will take place from 9AM to 12PM, while the High School session will start at 12:30PM and conclude at 3:30PM. There will be several notable Middle School and High School players in attendance, including the entire First-Team All-State from this year’s RIIL. If you plan on attending this camp make sure you bring you’re A-game, and are prepared to work. Remember, while your friends and teammates are taking a week off you will be in the gym putting in work. You can never be afraid to go at your mission alone, because no one will ever understand what you did or went through to succeed, this is your personal journey. Some of the notable players that will be in attendance include:



Middle School Players

Tomas Murphy- RI  8th Grade, The Prout School AAU: RI Hawks

Widely considered the best middle school player in New England, Murphy already stands 6-8’. He has a soft touch around the basket, finishes seamlessly with both hands, and is able to knock down the mid-range jumper with regurlarity.

Charlie Mitchell- Boston, MA. 8th grade, Tobin Middle School. AAU: Team expressions

A tremendous play maker, and a leader who has a motor that will not stop humming. He is a very streaky shooters, who looks to attack the rim and has a great overall floor game.

Charles Mitchell- Boston, MA. 8th grade, Tobin Middle School. AAU: Team Expressions

Is a tenacious, energetic player at both ends of floor. He plays extremely well in concert with his twin brother Charlie because he looks to score.

David Duke: Providence, RI. 8th grade, Paul Cuffie School. AAU: Team Expressions

By far the most skilled player in attendance, can play anywhere from the 1 to the 3, but has to look to be more aggressive in asserting himself. David is an extremely hard worker, very coachable and a great kid.

Timmy Holt: North Providence, RI. 7th grade, St Augustine’s School. AAU: RI Hawks

He is within his shooting range as soon as he walks into the gym, possesses a high basketball I.Q., and a great feel for the game.

Zach Simpson: Exter, RI. 7th grade, LaSalle Academy. AAU: Team Providence

A very hard worker, who plays with a great deal of passion, and can score inside and out. He also has an extremely effective floater, and is going to be a very good player in the future.

Jamari Johnson: Providence, RI. 8th grade, Nathaniel Greene. AAU: Team Expressions

A tenacious shot blocker and rebounder, with the ability to score from 15 feet and in. Once he matures physically and as a player he will be a terror.

Tyler Kolek : Cumberland, RI. 6th Grade. AAU: RI Hawks

A very good shooter and playmaker, who is a bit nonchalant. Once he becomes a more aggressive player he will be dominating a basketball court near you.

Juan Hernandez: Providence, RI. 7th Grade, Del Sesto Middle. AAU: Team Providence

A super strong forward with guard skills, who is a great two-way player that gives max effort at all times. Able to get to the rim at will, finish through contact, and is a catalyst on defense and on the boards.


High School Players

Kealen Ives: Junior, Classical High: A Lightning fast lead guard with range. Ives has the ability to run a team, will pressure the opposing teams Point Guard the full 94 feet, and is a tremendous leader that was named 1st team
All-State. He was the MVP of the RI State Championship tournament, while averaging 21.7 points per game for the purple this season.

Jerrelle Washington: Junior, Central High: Another 1st team All- state selection that made a name for himself in 2012 by leading Central to their first state championship in decades and was a key contributor to the BABC that won the AAU national Championship. He’s strong guard that is able to play either the one or two because of his quickness and scoring ability. Washington averaged 23.3 points on an undermanned Central squad, on a mix of jumpers and swashbuckling forays to the rim.

Terril Toe: Senior, Classical High: A rugged, strong wing guard with an incredible jumpshot who’s scoring and defense was key for Classical in their run to a state championship. The 1st team All-State player averaged 19.6 points per game this season, while still managing to play a great overall floor game which was essential for his team to be successful.

Manny Kargbo: Senior, Hope High: A supremely athletic wing scorer who also was a menace on defense this season for the Blue Wave. At times, the 1st team All-State Kargbo seemed unstoppable going to the rim, especially in transition. He was the leading scorer for Hope High, to the tune of 18.6 points per game. He lead his team to final 4 of the state tournament while seemingly making every big shot and being a disruptive force on the defensive end.

Charles Correra: Senior, St. Rapheal Academy: A combination of quickness, speed and strength, with a great handle. He was still able to make 1st team All-State even though he missed several games with a wrist injury. Able to score, find open teammates and be a pest on defense, Correra proved all year long why he should be on the short list of great players from the 2012-2013 season averaging 20.6 points per game in only 15 appearances.

Will Tavares: Senior, Hendricken: This rangy guard is able to affect the games in many ways on the offensive end because of his shooting and ability to attack the basket. Taveres averaged 14 points per game for Hendricken this year due to the team’s slow pace, but make no mistake he can fill it up.

Jovel Beckford: Senior, Mount Pleasant: One word can describe this young man, SHOOTER. If Beckford gets an inch of airspace he will get his shot off and it’s most likely going to find the bottom of the net. Would have love to see him playing with guards who were more interested in distributing the ball, but he still was able to score 17.4 points per game for the Kilties this season.

Ishmael Batista: Senior, Classical High: A true basketball player with a great mid-range game, it seemed like he found every crease and crack in the defense in order to score his 18.3 points per game. He was part of the three headed monster of guards from Classical high, where his mid-range game allowed his teammates to live at the rim and get several open 3’s.

Cody L’Heureux: Senior, North Smithfield High: A scoring guard that lead his d-3 North Smithfield squad on an improbable run to the final 4 of the RI State Tournament. His scoring and leadership ability carried his team all season long, where he averaged 16.1 points per game for North Smithfield.


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