Live From Camp ERROL #Bucketsville Academy By @ProfessorCorria


“We all know training is hard. You don’t have to love it. You just have to crave the result so intensely that the work becomes irrelevant.”- Tim Grover

High Energy, passionate, intense, and physical are all adjectives that should be used to describe the Camp ERROL experience. The talent that was on display April 19th-23rd at Camp ERROL was undeniable, but what was even more evident was the atmosphere that was being fostered by Calvin Jones and exceptional staff. Marc Bayah, Justin Adams, Juan Carter, Greg Holt and Antone gray not only bring superior basketball acumen to the table, but also a genuine energy and commitment that kids feed into. After sitting down the first thing that jumped out during the full court drills were the play of Damon Gomes, Will Tavares and Terril Toe because of their size, speed, quickness, skill and length. They were covering so much ground during the full court drills which was a bit shocking, especially for a small state like Rhode Island to have wings who are that rangy. RI State Tournament MVP Kealen Ives was a ball of intensity and energy, and gave off the presence of an alpha dog that will carry him going forward. Future member of the North Field Mount Hermon basketball team Jackson Donahue showed skill and will as he took his turn dominating the action. However, once Ricardo Ledo stepped on the court, it was clear who the man was, his athletic ability was already well known, but the shooting display he put on during live action was incredible. Last but certainly not least, middle schooler Tomas Murphy showed the skillset, quickness and basketball IQ that has him on the path to becoming a high-major recruit.


Sitting down with the Calvin Jones and some of the campers gave us a better understanding as to how and why players improve so much by working out with Jones. Jones talked about working out future NBA player Ricardo Ledo and current pro basketball player Lamonte Thomas, “Both are high level scorers and I’m familiar with both of their games.  I played with Lamonte in college and was able to win a championship with him. I grew up playing in the same West End gym as Ricky. I know they like to work on different types of ways they score, while still adding other little things to their game.” Ricardo Ledo further elaborated by saying, “Calvin has helped me with being able to score in a lot of different ways because of repetition and the intensity he brings to our individual workouts.” Those workouts seem to be working because Ledo is able to get his shot and score from everywhere.


Talking with some of the high school players was really enlightening because it seems like it’s always a mission to try to get high schoolers to practice hard, let alone get in the gym and put in extra work. Lassalle’s Damon Gomes said, “Working out with Calvin and the rest of the coaches at Camp ERROL has helped me with making moves to create space for others on the floor with my actions, becoming a facilitator and a floor general. But I still want to want to improve my mid-range jumper and become a more consistent shooter from all over and a more complete scorer.” Gomes came on strong for the Rams this year and his height and length are truly an asset for a Point Guard in the ocean state. All-state Guard Terrill Toe was very eloquent and thoughtful when speaking about working out with Calvin Jones and what he brought to State Champion Classical high as an assistant coach this season. Toe said, “He helped me and the team as a whole by instilling a competitive attitude and instilling a work ethic as well as developing our skills. Day after day Calvin brought energy, hard work and showing us more diverse ways to score.” Hendricken’s Will Tavares and future Cushing guard said, “Calvin helped me by showing me a bunch of different ways to attack the rim, and finish at the rim, through contact.” The quotes speak for themselves, and the work that Calvin Jones and his staff are putting in is going to ensure that Rhode Island will keep churning out talented players for a long time.


Select Player Profiles:

Jackson Donahue– Attending Northfield Mt. Hermon Prep Next Year- from Stonington Connecticut- Aggressive combo guard that makes plays for himself and teammates. He’s a high Percentage shooter, gets to the basket and plays with a d-1 motor on both ends of the floor.

Tomas Murphy– 6’8- Prout School. Murphy is one of the top New England middle school players in New England. Played with a high motor, was able to score inside and out and has a high Basketball IQ.

Will Eyegue– Classical High. With the 3 headed monster leaving, the ball will now be in his hands. He was by FAR the Most Improved Camper at Bucketsville and played with extreme confidence.

The importance of middle school players working out with the high school players was on display. It showed how much faster the game is, how much stronger they need to get, and started to build their confidence. Middle School players that worked out with the High School players: Timmy Holt 7th Grade, David Duke 8th Grade, Elijah Ramos 8th Grade, Arieus Rasberry 6th grade.

All Bucket team- Terril Toe, Kealen Ives, Tomas Murphy, Jackson Donahue and Will Tavares

Special thanks to Calvin Jones for allowing The Triangle Offense access to his camp.

Another special thanks to Kathleen from Vividly Alluring for the photos!!



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