Tuesday Morning’s With The Professor: By @ProfessorCorria


A new tradition that we are starting her at #TTO will be a weekly Tuesday column during football season called “Tuesday mornings with the professor”. These posts will consist of 20 or so football thoughts with me, the one and only @ProfessorCorria. Without further ado, let’s get into it!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.) I’m beginning to wonder if Mike Shanahan is keeping Robert Griffin as the starting QB out of spite? He can’t run the read-option, which is the offense he needs to be successful, so why keep him out there? Is it because RGIII showed Shanahan up in the press leading up to the season? Hmmmmm

2.) Colin Kaepernick was supposed to be the “next” guy who could revolutionize the QB position , and move the league forward. Ehhhhhh not so fast, he’s a good player with potential, but we’ll see how good he is this year, when he has to deliver for a full season.

3.) Speaking of Kaep, my dear lawd did you see Seattle’s defense on Sunday night? That front 7 is absolutely TERRIFYING!!!!! It seemed like they were going to sack the QB on every single play. We’ll just have to wait and see how Pete Carroll keeps them from winning a championship this year. El oh El.


4.) Eli Manning has won two championships, give that man some respect. But he’s far from an elite QB. He makes way to many mistakes and he throws the ball up for grabs wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much. When you think of him winning a Super Bowl, the first image that comes to mind is a ball getting stuck on someone’s helmet. Good, but FAR from elite.

5.) Speaking of “Elite” quarterbacks, there are only 4: Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. There is a steep drop, then you can fill in the names as you see fit.

6.) The Patriots Receiving core is pretty good, don’t you think? 

7.) It’s fairly obvious that Bill Belicheck is a GREAT coach. However, Bill Belicheck, the GM keeps undermining Bill Belicheck the coach. Paint dry’s faster than New England gets to the Quarterback.

8.) The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team going in the wrong direction, the Cleveland Browns flat out suck, the Ravens have clearly taken a step back and the Bengals are still paper tigers for the time being, soooooooooo much for that AFC North.


9.) Speaking of the Raven’s……please don’t tell me that Joe Flacco is elite, because he’s barely even good. Same thing for Torrey Smith. I bet that Flacco isn’t laughing at Ray Lewis anymore?

10.) Ed Reed is the best Safety EVER. Ever, ever? Yes EVER.

11.) Matt Ryan is the most vanilla, regular, milk toast, average quarterback in the NFL. If you gave Aaron Rodgers Rody White and Julio Jones the whole league would have to duck.


12.) Blaine Gabbert is beyond terrible. That boy is softer than table butter, my gawd.

13.) The 49ers will NOT be making a repeat trip to the Super Bowl, injuries and attrition have reared their ugly heads and will keep San Fran from making another run.

14.) The Philadelphia Eagles will be 7-9 this year, as promised. And I’m being nice, they are a soft team and Michael Vick is made of paper mache. He won’t make it through the season unfortunately and both back up QB’s are terrible.

15.) Cam Newton is exciting and “looks” like he should be REALLY good, but he’s been painfully average. I’m rooting for him, but he needs to start taking better care of the football if he wants to be great.


16.) James Harrison is scary and stupid.

17.) Honestly we can’t take too much stock in anything after the 1st two weeks of the season except for the fact that the jaguars suck, Thursday night football is stupid, RGIII is still hurt and Chris Collinsworth is still annoying as hell.

18.) Ndamukong Suh is dirty as hell. So is Dashon Goldsen and Brandon Merriewather. But, back to Suh, bruh, why is your big ass chop blocking for ??


19.) The Denver Broncos look scary good so far, hopefully they don’t peak too soon. Happy to see Peyton Manning is playing as well as ever and has remained healthy.

20.) Thanks for reading, find me on twitter @professorcorria, see you guys next Tuesday!!!!!!!!!


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