15 Football Thoughts With The Professor: By @ProfessorCorria


1.)    It’s a sad day in New England for mighty Vince has crumbled….A true Patriot in every sense of the word and a pillar in the community. He will be missed, get better big fella.

2.)    Peyton Manning has been a treasure this season. He is operating at a level NEVER seen in the history of the league. People want to bring up his 9-11 playoff record, so what? Let’s just enjoy what he is doing and take heed that he is staking his claim to the quarterback crown.


3.)    Never been much of a fan of Mike Tomlin. He’s GREAT with the media and possesses bravado, but let’s be real, he’s a mediocre coach. He doesn’t scheme the defense, he doesn’t coach the offense…….so what does he do exactly? I’ll wait.

4.)    The Atlanta Falcons are a SOFFFFFFFFFFF team. Yes that’s soft, minus the T, I left it off for a reason. The T is way to masculine for that team. They’re coach looks like he sells life insurance and their QB is good but not great. You can have all the weapons on the perimeter you want, but if both of your Lines are soft and your QB is soft, what good is it?


5.)    Don’t look now but Reggie Bush is playing phenomenal football. The Lions look poised to make a run in the NFC north, but poor coaching and lack of team discipline could always rear its ugly head.


6.)    Andy Dalton is so regular that it makes me physically ill. That’s the only way I can describe him and his performance, regular. He’s one of those QB’s that might win a Super Bowl by accident.

7.)    The Philadelphia Eagles suck, and will go 6-10 just like I told you they would, maybe 7-9 if they can pull a rabbit out of hat. Mike Vick is washed up and their a soft football team. Fin.


8.)    Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. Then there is a chasm wider than the Nile before you get to the next group of QB’s. The swagger, the command, the talent, the preparation. It’s just different.

NFL: Preseason-Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts

9.)    The Cleveland Browns have already won the Trent Richardson trade. He is a career 3.5 YPC back, doesn’t move well in traffic, have burst or run well between the tackles. He’s a tough runner, but doesn’t have top end speed and the Colts gave up a 1st round pick for him? Makes NO SENSE, but it will become more evident as time goes. 20 carries and 60 yards against one of the worst teams in recent memory, the Jacksonville Jaguars, in week 4? SMH

10.) The NY Giants are a complete mess!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with that offense? Eli is a turnover machine, they can run the ball or sustain drives? The offensive coordinator needs to “catch the fade”.


11.) Geno Smith isn’t good, will never be good and will only cause Jets fans consternation. Might as well tank and draft a REAL QB in the draft. And on by the way, hire a coach who knows how to handle and groom a QB.

12.) Phillip Rivers is having a great statistical season, but the chargers are still painfully average. There is something about that team that doesn’t make any sense, just can put my finger on it.


13.) The Chiefs defense is chillingly terrifying, my goodness are they good. Talent on ALL THREE LEVELS, speed, skill and size on the defensive line. I feel comfortable caling them the best defense in the NFL.

14.) The Seattle Seahawks are only 4-0 but we already know they’re really 10-0. They aren’t going to lose at home, and if they get home field advantage, it’s going to take an act of God to be beat them in the playoffs.

15.) The Dallas Cowboys have a great deal of talent but don’t inspire any confidence. Watch the Redskins win that division. EL OH EL.

16.) *Bonus* don’t look now but the Patriots are coming along slowly but surely………..



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