15 Football Thoughts With The Professor: By @ProfessorCorria


1.)    The Broncos @ Cowboys game was SPECIAL, a true treat for all of us football nuts.  The 51-48 shootout was a nip and tuck game in which the Cowboys stood up to the juggernaut and almost came away victorious, until……….

2.)    Tony Romo, SMH!!!!!!!!!! Romo is a very good football player who was worked himself from an undrafted free agent, to a Pro Bowl quarterback. He is gracious with the media, a very affable guy but he is dogged by untimely turnovers. It was so crazy that we all felt that he would throw an interception when the score was tied 48-48, after standing up to Peyton Manning all day.

3.)    Speaking of the Denver Broncos, Manning is on fire right now!!!!! But how long can he keep it up? He’s a great player but he and the Broncos offense will eventually regress to the mean, and their defense will have to make plays in order for them to keep rolling and win playoff games. I think Von Miller coming back will make an impact, although after missing the first six games, how effective will he be? What about Champ Bailey? Yeah what about him?

4.)    Don’t look now but the Indianapolis Colts are a PROBLEM. Would you bet against them vs. the Denver Broncos in the freezing cold in the playoffs? Me either, Andrew Luck is about that action, and is CLEARLY better than RG3. However they did make a HUGE mistake trading for……


5.)    Trent Richardson isn’t a good football player, I’m convinced more now than EVER!!!! I know why you guys think he’s good, he’s a physical specimen,  but he’s not a good football player.

6.)    The Patriots have the #2 defense in the NFL, but are averaging 19 PPG ….Has planet earth stopped spinning on its axis? Tom & company need to get it together and fast.

7.)    The saints are looking REALLY good, but Drew Brees is getting sacked way to much, which will be a huge issue if they have to go to Seattle in the playoffs, because the Seahawks get to the quarterback.

8.)    The Texans have plenty of talent but their window for winning a championship has closed and Arian Foster is looking like he doesn’t have much tread left on his tires. Matt Shaub has always been painfully average but he is starting to look really bad.


9.)    Carson Palmer should be arrested for grand larceny, my lawd. He is TERRIBLE, and he has weapons but just can’t help himself when it comes to throwing the ball to the other team. He is stealing money from the Cardinals front office with no ski mask, he’s like the football Jermaine O’Neal.

10.)  Still can’t believe Romo threw that interception.


11.) I’m a patriots fan, so seeing the Giants and their supposed “elite” QB struggle so mightily is like watching football porn every week. Eli isn’t elite, I’m sorry it’s not even close.

12.) Mike Vick was electric in Atlanta and provided us so much entertainment, but its almost time to send him to the “glue factory”. It’s over for him.


13.) Geno Atkins is the best defensive football player in the NFL. He is a GROWN ASS MAN who is a terror in the middle because he can rush the passer and collapse the pocket up the gut AND stuff the run, WOW.

14.) The Jets have a VERY stout physical defense, Ryan is doing a great job with that crew.

15.) Would you rather be 5-0 the way the Chiefs have gotten there or the way the Broncos have….?


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