15 NFL Thoughts with Flanny

– Are the Chiefs really THIS good? Yes. They have one of the two best defenses in the league, with pro bowlers at each level, a still, very underrated QB, all pro running back, and quite possibly the best home field advantage in the NFL.

– One time for my man, Andy Reid. As an Eagle fan, I’ve never doubted Andy’s abilities as a coach. He left Philly on a sour note, and it just felt like it was time for both parties to move on, and start fresh, but he is one helluva coach. Maybe now Eagles fans can finally appreciate him, like I’m sure KC fans are.

– Panic time for Denver? yeahhh, no. The Broncos will be just fine. Peyton Manning is still Peyton Manning, Von Miller is back, and his pass rush will surely aid that suspect secondary of Denver. Unfortunately for Denver, they’re not in a position to lose many more games, being in the same division as the undefeated Chiefs. Denver vs KC in Arrowhead will be nuts!

– It may actually be better to be Luck(y) instead of good. Andrew Luck straight up outplayed the future HOF bound Manning in his Indy homecoming. The 2nd year QB looked sharper, and certainly more poised than the veteran Manning, and simply would not let Peyton have his moment. Respect.

– I’ve said for well over a year that I’d take Andrew Luck over any of the other 2nd year sensation QB’s. Followed by Wilson, Kaepernick, and RGIII. Wilson has the smarts, Kaep has the gun, RGIII has the athleticism, Andrew Luck has it ALL. While he handled it extremely busch league, Jim Irsay was absolutely correct in moving on from Peyton, and drafting Luck.

– My god, that Jets defensive line is nasty. They gave Tom E fits all day Sunday, much as they did in their first match-up this season, this time pulling out the win. Muhammad Wilkerson is a superstar in the making, Sheldon Richardson has quieted all the doubters early in his rookie season, and at the end position, Calvin Pace and Quinton Coples are finally living up the expectations.

– Fans at Ford Field got an absolute treat on Sunday, when the leagues two best pass catchers put on a show. Calvin Johnson and AJ Green both eclipsed 150 yards receiving and scored a TD. Megatron added a 2nd on a ridiculous catch, in triple coverage, in a game the Bengals squeaked out on a last second FG.

– The Bucs might just be better off letting that MRSA outbreak spread. Everything down there is an absolute joke at the moment.

– Sam Bradford has torn his ACL, and his season, and likely his career in St. Louis has come to an abrupt end. I wish him a speedy recovery, and he’ll surely get another shot somewhere, but we might soon be throwing him in the Matt Leinart, Danny Wuerfful, Jason White, Eric Crouch, Tim Tebow club.

– “The Gronk” is back for the Pats, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Contrary to what anyone says, Brady isn’t fond of those new guys, and can you really blame him? Outside of the last drive against the Saints, Brady has looked mighty pedestrian these last few weeks. Getting Gronk back Sunday, and Vereen in a few weeks should rejuvenate the future Hall of Famer.

– Has Eddie Lacy already become what we thought Trent Richardson was? Contrary to the beliefs of my colleague, @professorcorria, I’ve yet to give up on the SECOND year Richardson, and believe Andrew Luck and Indy will be good to him, but Lacy has been exceptional since returning from a concussion. Lacy has accumulated 301 rushing yards, and a TD, on 68 carries in his last 3 games, for the re-surging Packers.

– Can the Jags draft Jameis Winston now??? Outside of Jesus Christ himself, Winston may be the only person who can turn around that franchise. Jacksonville may just be capable of going 0-32 to ensure that.

– Is RGIII back? I’d say not quite, but he seems to be on his way. His play the first few weeks was exactly why Derrick Rose made the right decision to not come back last season. Much like Rose, RGIII just didn’t ‘t trust his knee over the first month of the season, and that directly affected his play. He’s becoming more and more comfortable back there, and with the NFC east as horrid as it is, he may again have the Skins in playoff contention.

– Matt Barkley played long enough against the Cowboys yesterday to throw three INT’s, and he may get the START next week after Nick Foles suffered a concussion Sunday, ummm, yeah, can we just reunite Chip Kelly and Marcus Mariota already, please?

– I guess it’s a league mandate that a least one Manning has to get a win each week, as Eli(te) Manning and the Giants got their first win of the season over the Vikings. If they keep up this pace they’ll be back at .500 by uh, December. LOL…sorry.


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