15 NFL Thoughts with @YeahFlanny

  1. Let’s cut to the chase, Desmond “Dez” Bryant. I’ve been overly critical of Dez since he arrived in the league, often because his play never, and I mean NEVER out shined his antics off of the field. He’s claimed he was one of the best wideouts in the league, and his stats damn sure never backed that up. That began to change last year when it seemed Dez cared more about reality and not perception. I stated all off season that if Romo could finally trust Dez, he’d become one of the top 3-5 wide receivers in the league. He has big strong hands, he’s great after the catch, and the alpha male attitude he possesses is surely needed to dominate in the league. This brings us to Sunday when Dez all but blacked out, first on his coach, and then on his fellow players when the Cowboys completed their collapse in Detroit. Now, I don’t condone attempting to show up your coaches, and definitely not your teammates, but here’s why Dez was justified for his sideline implosion. All week we heard Bryant say that he was on Megatron’s level, and while I don”t believe he is (no one is) I LOVE that he said he was, that’s how he should feel, how any wide receiver should feel. Let’s compare their stats from Sunday’s contest, Calvin had 14 rec, 329 yards, 1 TD, while Dez had 3 rec, 72 yards, and 2 TD’S.  Yes, TWO touchdowns on THREE catches for Bryant. He managed 1 MORE TD than Megatron on ELEVEN fewer catches. How in god’s name can you justify not feeding him the ball, not only down the stretch, but throughout the entire game??? It seemed as if Romo trusted Dez, with the pro bowl numbers both are putting up this season, Sunday proved Romo isn’t yet fully fond of Bryant, and that is just one of many issues plaguing the comedic Cowboys. This season Dez is averaging a TD reception every 5 catches, and yet he’s still not seeing double digits targets from Romo, that’s just disrespectful to one of the league biggest weapons. You’d love to see Bryant handle these issues behind closed doors, and that’s where his immaturity still peeks through, but you just have to understand the man’s frustration and appreciate his passion for the game.
  2. Now that I got that out of the way, let’s all collectively laugh at the Dallas Cowboys for Sunday’s implosion. LOLOLOL.
  3. Now that we’re done laughing, let’s tip our cap to the duo of Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. Unlike Romo, Stafford knows where his bread is buttered, and that’s down the seam to Megatron. We all know how good Calvin is, and yet we’re still in awe by some of the plays he makes on the field, he’s on his own level, far, far away. Homage also needs to be paid to Stafford for the ballsy call, in which he tricked everyone into thinking he was spiking the ball, when he took the snap and snuck over the top for the game winning touchdown. Stafford, the quarterback can be considered a lot of things, and gamer damn sure is one.
  4. Christian Ponder is NOT to blame for the Minnesota Vikings mediocrity, and mediocre is being generous. Neither is Josh Freeman, nor Joe Web or anyone else who may take snaps in Minny. The wide receivers are a joke, the offensive line is atrocious, and the defense is a mirage. Poor AD.
  5. What’s really going on with Thomas E. Brady? Man, I wish i knew. He just seems so out of it on the field, something we’ve never really seen from #12 before. It’s easy to say that this is because Brady is in his decline, and his best years are behind him. While, I do believe Brady’s best football is behind him, I’d be dumb to think Brady at 85 or even 75% of his old self couldn’t win a Super Bowl. Let’s just hold off on sending Brady out to pasture for now.
  6. The Bengals already boast one of the league most impressive defensive units, and if Andy Dalton can continue to tear it up, the Bengals are legitimate contenders to win the AFC.
  7. Terrelle Pryor may finally be coming into his own. Pryor isn’t a dumb kid (tattoo gate aside) and his athletic ability is off the charts. I urge the Raiders to stick with Pryor this season, regardless of his ups and downs. Doing so may provide them with a more than serviceable QB for the foreseeable future.
  8. Dear Atlanta Falcons management, PLEASE trade Tony Gonzalez back to Kansas City so he can finally have a legitimate shot at a Super Bowl, you owe him that much.
  9. When you get a moment, take a look at Drew Brees career stats, you will be in awe. Numbers wise, Brees is one of the 10 best QB’s of ALL TIME. Couple that with how small he really is, and the Super Bowl ring he sports, and the man is a sure fire Hall of Famer, and one of the most underrated players of this generation.
  10. Is Cam Newton finally ready to be mentioned amongst the ten best QB’s in the NFL? It’s a crap shoot behind Rodgers, Manning, Brady, and Brees, and Cam’s play this season may just vault him into that second group of quarterbacks.
  11. Through 8 weeks, the Giants are 2 wins out of the lead in the NFC east. 2….the same number of victories the Giants currently have. That division is a damn joke.
  12. The Jaguars can’t win in the United States, and they’re even worse in the United Kingdom. Shoot, they score less than Manchester United. SMH
  13. Two of the next four weeks we get Denver vs KC….YES PLEASE!
  14. Guys, Calvin Johnson had 329 receiving yards Sunday. THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE. A majority of NFL QB’s haven’t thrown for that much in a game this season. Crown him.
  15. The Seahawks secondary, better known as The Legion of Boom, is just downright scary! Word to Hawk and Animal.


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