The Official #TheTriangleOffense Top 30 Players in the NBA


“I’m not saying I’m number 1..uh I’m sorry I lied.. I’m number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5” -KRS-One

Lebron James is the king of the basketball universe, he is Neo in the matrix. You have the Conch King James, use it wisely.


The Official Consensus Top 30 Players In The NBA:

1.)    LeBron James

2.)    Kevin Durant

3.)    Derek Rose

4.)    James Harden

5.)    Russell Westbrook

6.)    Dwight Howard

7.)    Tony Parker

8.)    Chris Paul

9.)    Tim Duncan

10.) Paul george

11.) Carmelo Anthony

12.) Stephen Curry

13.) Kyrie Irving

14.) Marc Gasol

15.) Kobe Bryant

16.) Blake Griffin

17.) Kevin Love

18.) Dwayne Wade

19.) Al Hofford

20.)  LaMarcus Aldridge

21.) Deron Williams

22.) Chris Bosh

23.) Dirk Nowitzki

24.) John Wall

25.) Rajon Rondo

26.) Jokim Noah

27.) Roy Hibbert

28.) Zach Randolph

29.) Andre Igoudola

30.) Kawhi Leonard


@ProfessorCorria top 30 NBA players

1.)    LeBron James

2.)    Kevin Durant

3.)    Derek Rose

4.)    James Harden

5.)    Russell Westbrook

6.)    Dwight Howard

7.)    Tony Parker

8.)    Stephen Curry

9.)    Chris Paul

10.) Tim Duncan

11.) Kyrie Irving

12.) Carmelo Anthony

13.) Paul George

14.) Marc Gasol

15.) Kevin Love

16.) Blake Griffin

17.) Kobe Bryant

18.) LaMarcus Aldridge

19.) Al Hofford

20.) Dwayne Wade

21.) Deron Williams

22.) John Wall

23.) Chris Bosh

24.) Joakim Noah

25.) Dirk Nowitzki

26.) Rajon Rondo

27.) Roy Hibbert

28.) Zach Randolph

29.) Josh Smith

30.) Kawhi Leonard

Stephen Curry, Chris Paul

@Yeahflanny top 30:

1. Lebron James

2. Kevin Durant

3. Derick Rose
4. Russell Westbrook
5. Dwight Howard
6. James Harden
7. Chris Paul
8. Tony Parker
9. Carmelo Anthony
10. Paul George
11. Marc Gasol
12. Kevin Love
13. Kobe Bryant
14. Tim Duncan
15. Kyrie Irving
16. Stephen Curry
17. Lamarcus Aldridge
18. Chris Bosh
19. Roy Hibbert
20. Dwyane Wade
21. Deron Williams
22. Blake Griffin
23. John Wall
24. Rajon Rondo
25. Brook Lopez
26. Damian Lillard
27. Dirk Nowitzki
28. Zach Randolph
29. Serge Ibaka
30. Demarcus Cousins


@Mr_Real_Rap_Raw AKA Robert Perry Top 30 NBA Players:

I base my top players on a combination of their individual body of work, team success, and that very hazy and overly used word “potential”.

Nobody will dispute King Lebron James at #1.  Back to back Champion, Back to back finals MVP, 3 consecutive regular season MVP’s.  Enough said.  We haven’t seen a run like this since Michael Jeffery Jordan.

#2 Kevin Durant. Some critics say KD didn’t rise to the occasion when Westbook down last year in the playoffs.  He still managed to average 30 ppg, 9rpg, and 6 apg while shooting 51% from the field.

#3 Derrick Rose. The only MVP not named Lebron in the last 4 years. “IF” healthy he is the most impactful PG in the league. Yeah CP fans I said it.

#4  Tony Parker.  At 31 years old Tony Parker has been in the league 13 years and still managed to lead his team to their 4th NBA finals appearance in his career while averaging 20 ppg and damn near 8 assist for the season.

#5  Chris Paul is the ultimate floor general who also led the league in steals last year.  His number are undisputable at close to 17ppg, 10apg, with 2 steals a night.  Getting bounced in the 1st round can’t happen if you are “the best point guard” in the NBA.

#6 James Harden.  Remember D Wade in 06?  Same player.

#7 Dwight Howard  despite a “down season” with Lakers last year Dwight still managed to average 17 and 12 while shooting 57% from the field.  A new cast in Houston with a similar system to which he played in Orlando will only rise Howard’s game back to MVP like.

#8 Dwayne Wade.  @ProfessorCorria has shown great displeasure with D Wade but I still believe “when” healthy he is a top 10 player in the NBA.  Of course life is much easier playing next to Lebron James but 20, 5, and 5 don’t come easy in the league.  The health of Wade is the big question mark whether or not the Heat will three peat.

#9 Tim Duncan.  The guy is a 100 years old and he still has similar numbers to Dwight Howard.  Averaging 17 and 10 last year and getting back to the finals, how could you not put Timmy in the top 10?

#10 Paul George was literally 2 possessions from getting his Pacers to the NBA finals.  At 23 years old George went head to head with the King and held his own.  I’m sure that experience along with that big check he got will fuel Paul George even more.  Nothing but upside.

#11 Russell Westbrook we all saw how valuable Westbrook really was when he went down.  When healthy he is a top 5 pg in the league with the ability to change the game with athleticism and energy. We’ll have to see how that injury impacts Westbrook’s game. We all know he can be a head case and chemistry can hurt the Thunder when he returns.

#12 Kobe Bryant.  Last year there was no dispute to where Kobe’s stock was in the league but after a tough season in LA LA land and coming back from a major injury it’s tough to rate the 35 year old. As a Kobe fan I hope Kobe comes back 100% but only time will tell.  A 70% Kobe is still better than half the league.   But we all know Kobe won’t come back just to be a serviceable player.

#13 Carmelo Anthony.  Not often do you have a player lead in the NBA in scoring and not consider him a top 10 play in the league.  Melo averaged 28.7 ppg on 22 shot attempts a night.  He averaged less than 3 assists a night; there are players who average 3 dimes on accident.  We all know Melo can score but can he lead the Knicks to a deep run ONLY scoring?

#14 Steph Curry.  50 in the Garden, led the league in 3 point field goals, led team to second round of playoffs; losing to the eventual Western Conference champs San Antonio Spurs.  Curry is one of the best pure shooters the game has ever saw and with Coach Mark Jackson there to show him how to be a point guard, things can get ugly for the league.

#15 Kyrie Irving.  Kyrie has proven that he is ready to play with the big boys.  The numbers don’t lie but I’m looking for the Cavs to make a playoff push this year to solidify Irving s place as one of the elite PG’s in the league.

#16  Kevin Love is a walking double double with the capability to put up huge numbers. The key once again is health.  Love needs to push Minnesota to a playoff berth to stay relevant as one of the NBA elite players.

#17 Blake Griffin.

#18 Marc Gasol

#19 Deron Williams

#20 LaMarcus Aldridge.  If the ranking were based on only numbers he would be top 10 but despite his production his team has never flourished.

#21 Rajon Rondo.  Rondo was the engine for the Celtics.  Now that the Celtics are a non factor; how will Rondo return?   One thing for certain, he will have to score more for the C’s to even be competitive.  Hope he’s been working on that jump shot.

#22 Dirk Nowitzki

#23 Chris Bosh.  Bosh has found a niche as a floating 4 man and because of that his rebounding numbers have suffered.  Bosh is a solid second option on most teams but after a couple of lousy playoff performance his stock has dropped for me.

#24 Joakim Noah

#25 Paul Pierce

#26  Al Horford

#27 Jrue Holiday is highly underrated.  The kid put up CP like numbers for a bad Sixers team last year.  New team, new cast, I’m sure the number will go down but Pelicans should make a push for the playoffs with Holiday leading the way.

#28  Zach Randolph is a double double machine.

#29 Andrea Iquodala is a game changer on both ends of the court.  He can do a litter of everything and despite not having outstanding numbers he always manages to reach the playoffs with whatever team he is on.  Good veteran piece for the Warriors

#30  Roy Hibbert.  “If” he can play how he did against the Heat in the playoffs for a whole season then there is no doubt he can be a top 3 Center in the NBA.  My concerns are his maturity and the fact that he now on the radar for opponents.


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