NFL Thoughts with @YeahFlanny

– Nicholas Foles, go head boy! Wow, was that impressive?! It was the Raiders, i know, but throwing for 7 TD’s on any NFL defense is a truly remarkable feat. Foles just may have officially ended Michael Vick’s tenure in Philly. As an Eagle fan, I’m excited to see what Foles can do as the clear cut #1 for the remainder of the season, hopefully Chip Kelly gives him that opportunity.

– Do y’all believe in that Jets defense yet? I’ve been saying for weeks now that the Jets defense is the real deal, and the front four is one of the top position groups in the NFL. Like they did with Tom Brady a couple weeks back, the Jets continuously got under the skin of Saints QB Drew Brees, and would not allow for him to become comfortable, thus leading to the Jets upset victory.

– Three things are for certain in life. Death, taxes, and an Andrew Luck 4th quarter comeback. The sophomore sensation did it yet again on Sunday night, leading his Colts from behind to victory in the 4th, over the Texans. The kid’s unreal, and on the road to being a perennial pro bowler.

– The Atlanta Falcons super bowl odds were pretty darn high coming into the season, their odds of having a top 10 pick in next years draft, may be even higher at the moment. SMH.

– Kansas City does it…again. Alex Smith is the epitome of game manager, seemingly never turning the ball over, and that defense is a well oiled machine. They head into their bye week, a marquee match-up with the Broncos looming in two weeks.

– Richie Incognito is a disgrace, but should we even be surprised? Sadly enough, I’m not. This is his M.O., has been his ENTIRE career, dating back to college even, when his head coach at Nebraska, Frank Solich had to suspend him. In 2009 he was voted as the NFL’s “dirtiest player”. This incident wasn’t an “incident” it’s simply just who Richie is., it just took a decade to come out publicly. I for one hope the man never plays another down in the NFL, he’s not deserving…never was.

– Didn’t I tell y’all not to send the good ol’ boy Tom Brady out to pasture just yet? The so called “greatest living american” went bonkers on Sunday, throwing for 432 yards and 4 TD’s. It’s also safe to say that Gronk is back at full strength , after recording a career high in receptions on Sunday. Nobody’s happier than Brady, seeing #87 back out there.

– Best wishes to head coaches, Gary Kubiak and John Fox. Both experienced serious health issues this past week, Kubiak’s unfolding right in front of us on Sunday Night Football, and Fox’s resulting in heart surgery. We’re in awe over the work these athletes put into the game, and often forget how much is done behind the scenes by coaches and personnel. This game can, and will consume you, and I hope coaches as a whole see these recent events, and take the  necessary precautions moving forward.

– Nine weeks in, and the AFC North has made a complete 180 degree turn from the norm. The Bengals and Browns are atop the division with the defending Super Bowl champion Ravens, and perennial Super Bowl contender Steelers lagging well behind. The Bengals lost Thursday night to the Dolphins, making the Browns the hottest team in the division. YES, the same Browns we accused of tanking after trading former 1st round pick Trent Richardson to the Colts just weeks ago.

– The win less Bucs went into Seattle, one of the league’s toughest places to play, and dominated the game for three quarters….Luckily for the Seahawks, there’s 4 quarters in the NFL, and a fifth if needed. Seattle rallied and kept the Bucs win less with an overtime victory Sunday. The Bucs can’t buy a victory, and our fighting MRSA, while the Dolphins are dealing with a HUGE internal debacle, that will only get worse in coming days. Um, does this make the Jacksonville Jaguars the most stable team in the sunshine state???? Welcome to the twilight zone.


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