NFL Thoughts with @YeahFlanny

– Nicholas Foles, go head boy! Wow, was that impressive?! It was the Raiders, i know, but throwing for 7 TD’s on any NFL defense is a truly remarkable feat. Foles just may have officially ended Michael Vick’s tenure in Philly. As an Eagle fan, I’m excited to see what Foles can do as the clear cut #1 for the remainder of the season, hopefully Chip Kelly gives him that opportunity.

– Do y’all believe in that Jets defense yet? I’ve been saying for weeks now that the Jets defense is the real deal, and the front four is one of the top position groups in the NFL. Like they did with Tom Brady a couple weeks back, the Jets continuously got under the skin of Saints QB Drew Brees, and would not allow for him to become comfortable, thus leading to the Jets upset victory.

– Three things are for certain in life. Death, taxes, and an Andrew Luck 4th quarter comeback. The sophomore sensation did it yet again on Sunday night, leading his Colts from behind to victory in the 4th, over the Texans. The kid’s unreal, and on the road to being a perennial pro bowler.

– The Atlanta Falcons super bowl odds were pretty darn high coming into the season, their odds of having a top 10 pick in next years draft, may be even higher at the moment. SMH.

– Kansas City does it…again. Alex Smith is the epitome of game manager, seemingly never turning the ball over, and that defense is a well oiled machine. They head into their bye week, a marquee match-up with the Broncos looming in two weeks.

– Richie Incognito is a disgrace, but should we even be surprised? Sadly enough, I’m not. This is his M.O., has been his ENTIRE career, dating back to college even, when his head coach at Nebraska, Frank Solich had to suspend him. In 2009 he was voted as the NFL’s “dirtiest player”. This incident wasn’t an “incident” it’s simply just who Richie is., it just took a decade to come out publicly. I for one hope the man never plays another down in the NFL, he’s not deserving…never was.

– Didn’t I tell y’all not to send the good ol’ boy Tom Brady out to pasture just yet? The so called “greatest living american” went bonkers on Sunday, throwing for 432 yards and 4 TD’s. It’s also safe to say that Gronk is back at full strength , after recording a career high in receptions on Sunday. Nobody’s happier than Brady, seeing #87 back out there.

– Best wishes to head coaches, Gary Kubiak and John Fox. Both experienced serious health issues this past week, Kubiak’s unfolding right in front of us on Sunday Night Football, and Fox’s resulting in heart surgery. We’re in awe over the work these athletes put into the game, and often forget how much is done behind the scenes by coaches and personnel. This game can, and will consume you, and I hope coaches as a whole see these recent events, and take the  necessary precautions moving forward.

– Nine weeks in, and the AFC North has made a complete 180 degree turn from the norm. The Bengals and Browns are atop the division with the defending Super Bowl champion Ravens, and perennial Super Bowl contender Steelers lagging well behind. The Bengals lost Thursday night to the Dolphins, making the Browns the hottest team in the division. YES, the same Browns we accused of tanking after trading former 1st round pick Trent Richardson to the Colts just weeks ago.

– The win less Bucs went into Seattle, one of the league’s toughest places to play, and dominated the game for three quarters….Luckily for the Seahawks, there’s 4 quarters in the NFL, and a fifth if needed. Seattle rallied and kept the Bucs win less with an overtime victory Sunday. The Bucs can’t buy a victory, and our fighting MRSA, while the Dolphins are dealing with a HUGE internal debacle, that will only get worse in coming days. Um, does this make the Jacksonville Jaguars the most stable team in the sunshine state???? Welcome to the twilight zone.

15 NFL Thoughts with @YeahFlanny

  1. Let’s cut to the chase, Desmond “Dez” Bryant. I’ve been overly critical of Dez since he arrived in the league, often because his play never, and I mean NEVER out shined his antics off of the field. He’s claimed he was one of the best wideouts in the league, and his stats damn sure never backed that up. That began to change last year when it seemed Dez cared more about reality and not perception. I stated all off season that if Romo could finally trust Dez, he’d become one of the top 3-5 wide receivers in the league. He has big strong hands, he’s great after the catch, and the alpha male attitude he possesses is surely needed to dominate in the league. This brings us to Sunday when Dez all but blacked out, first on his coach, and then on his fellow players when the Cowboys completed their collapse in Detroit. Now, I don’t condone attempting to show up your coaches, and definitely not your teammates, but here’s why Dez was justified for his sideline implosion. All week we heard Bryant say that he was on Megatron’s level, and while I don”t believe he is (no one is) I LOVE that he said he was, that’s how he should feel, how any wide receiver should feel. Let’s compare their stats from Sunday’s contest, Calvin had 14 rec, 329 yards, 1 TD, while Dez had 3 rec, 72 yards, and 2 TD’S.  Yes, TWO touchdowns on THREE catches for Bryant. He managed 1 MORE TD than Megatron on ELEVEN fewer catches. How in god’s name can you justify not feeding him the ball, not only down the stretch, but throughout the entire game??? It seemed as if Romo trusted Dez, with the pro bowl numbers both are putting up this season, Sunday proved Romo isn’t yet fully fond of Bryant, and that is just one of many issues plaguing the comedic Cowboys. This season Dez is averaging a TD reception every 5 catches, and yet he’s still not seeing double digits targets from Romo, that’s just disrespectful to one of the league biggest weapons. You’d love to see Bryant handle these issues behind closed doors, and that’s where his immaturity still peeks through, but you just have to understand the man’s frustration and appreciate his passion for the game.
  2. Now that I got that out of the way, let’s all collectively laugh at the Dallas Cowboys for Sunday’s implosion. LOLOLOL.
  3. Now that we’re done laughing, let’s tip our cap to the duo of Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. Unlike Romo, Stafford knows where his bread is buttered, and that’s down the seam to Megatron. We all know how good Calvin is, and yet we’re still in awe by some of the plays he makes on the field, he’s on his own level, far, far away. Homage also needs to be paid to Stafford for the ballsy call, in which he tricked everyone into thinking he was spiking the ball, when he took the snap and snuck over the top for the game winning touchdown. Stafford, the quarterback can be considered a lot of things, and gamer damn sure is one.
  4. Christian Ponder is NOT to blame for the Minnesota Vikings mediocrity, and mediocre is being generous. Neither is Josh Freeman, nor Joe Web or anyone else who may take snaps in Minny. The wide receivers are a joke, the offensive line is atrocious, and the defense is a mirage. Poor AD.
  5. What’s really going on with Thomas E. Brady? Man, I wish i knew. He just seems so out of it on the field, something we’ve never really seen from #12 before. It’s easy to say that this is because Brady is in his decline, and his best years are behind him. While, I do believe Brady’s best football is behind him, I’d be dumb to think Brady at 85 or even 75% of his old self couldn’t win a Super Bowl. Let’s just hold off on sending Brady out to pasture for now.
  6. The Bengals already boast one of the league most impressive defensive units, and if Andy Dalton can continue to tear it up, the Bengals are legitimate contenders to win the AFC.
  7. Terrelle Pryor may finally be coming into his own. Pryor isn’t a dumb kid (tattoo gate aside) and his athletic ability is off the charts. I urge the Raiders to stick with Pryor this season, regardless of his ups and downs. Doing so may provide them with a more than serviceable QB for the foreseeable future.
  8. Dear Atlanta Falcons management, PLEASE trade Tony Gonzalez back to Kansas City so he can finally have a legitimate shot at a Super Bowl, you owe him that much.
  9. When you get a moment, take a look at Drew Brees career stats, you will be in awe. Numbers wise, Brees is one of the 10 best QB’s of ALL TIME. Couple that with how small he really is, and the Super Bowl ring he sports, and the man is a sure fire Hall of Famer, and one of the most underrated players of this generation.
  10. Is Cam Newton finally ready to be mentioned amongst the ten best QB’s in the NFL? It’s a crap shoot behind Rodgers, Manning, Brady, and Brees, and Cam’s play this season may just vault him into that second group of quarterbacks.
  11. Through 8 weeks, the Giants are 2 wins out of the lead in the NFC east. 2….the same number of victories the Giants currently have. That division is a damn joke.
  12. The Jaguars can’t win in the United States, and they’re even worse in the United Kingdom. Shoot, they score less than Manchester United. SMH
  13. Two of the next four weeks we get Denver vs KC….YES PLEASE!
  14. Guys, Calvin Johnson had 329 receiving yards Sunday. THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE. A majority of NFL QB’s haven’t thrown for that much in a game this season. Crown him.
  15. The Seahawks secondary, better known as The Legion of Boom, is just downright scary! Word to Hawk and Animal.

15 NFL Thoughts with Flanny

– Are the Chiefs really THIS good? Yes. They have one of the two best defenses in the league, with pro bowlers at each level, a still, very underrated QB, all pro running back, and quite possibly the best home field advantage in the NFL.

– One time for my man, Andy Reid. As an Eagle fan, I’ve never doubted Andy’s abilities as a coach. He left Philly on a sour note, and it just felt like it was time for both parties to move on, and start fresh, but he is one helluva coach. Maybe now Eagles fans can finally appreciate him, like I’m sure KC fans are.

– Panic time for Denver? yeahhh, no. The Broncos will be just fine. Peyton Manning is still Peyton Manning, Von Miller is back, and his pass rush will surely aid that suspect secondary of Denver. Unfortunately for Denver, they’re not in a position to lose many more games, being in the same division as the undefeated Chiefs. Denver vs KC in Arrowhead will be nuts!

– It may actually be better to be Luck(y) instead of good. Andrew Luck straight up outplayed the future HOF bound Manning in his Indy homecoming. The 2nd year QB looked sharper, and certainly more poised than the veteran Manning, and simply would not let Peyton have his moment. Respect.

– I’ve said for well over a year that I’d take Andrew Luck over any of the other 2nd year sensation QB’s. Followed by Wilson, Kaepernick, and RGIII. Wilson has the smarts, Kaep has the gun, RGIII has the athleticism, Andrew Luck has it ALL. While he handled it extremely busch league, Jim Irsay was absolutely correct in moving on from Peyton, and drafting Luck.

– My god, that Jets defensive line is nasty. They gave Tom E fits all day Sunday, much as they did in their first match-up this season, this time pulling out the win. Muhammad Wilkerson is a superstar in the making, Sheldon Richardson has quieted all the doubters early in his rookie season, and at the end position, Calvin Pace and Quinton Coples are finally living up the expectations.

– Fans at Ford Field got an absolute treat on Sunday, when the leagues two best pass catchers put on a show. Calvin Johnson and AJ Green both eclipsed 150 yards receiving and scored a TD. Megatron added a 2nd on a ridiculous catch, in triple coverage, in a game the Bengals squeaked out on a last second FG.

– The Bucs might just be better off letting that MRSA outbreak spread. Everything down there is an absolute joke at the moment.

– Sam Bradford has torn his ACL, and his season, and likely his career in St. Louis has come to an abrupt end. I wish him a speedy recovery, and he’ll surely get another shot somewhere, but we might soon be throwing him in the Matt Leinart, Danny Wuerfful, Jason White, Eric Crouch, Tim Tebow club.

– “The Gronk” is back for the Pats, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Contrary to what anyone says, Brady isn’t fond of those new guys, and can you really blame him? Outside of the last drive against the Saints, Brady has looked mighty pedestrian these last few weeks. Getting Gronk back Sunday, and Vereen in a few weeks should rejuvenate the future Hall of Famer.

– Has Eddie Lacy already become what we thought Trent Richardson was? Contrary to the beliefs of my colleague, @professorcorria, I’ve yet to give up on the SECOND year Richardson, and believe Andrew Luck and Indy will be good to him, but Lacy has been exceptional since returning from a concussion. Lacy has accumulated 301 rushing yards, and a TD, on 68 carries in his last 3 games, for the re-surging Packers.

– Can the Jags draft Jameis Winston now??? Outside of Jesus Christ himself, Winston may be the only person who can turn around that franchise. Jacksonville may just be capable of going 0-32 to ensure that.

– Is RGIII back? I’d say not quite, but he seems to be on his way. His play the first few weeks was exactly why Derrick Rose made the right decision to not come back last season. Much like Rose, RGIII just didn’t ‘t trust his knee over the first month of the season, and that directly affected his play. He’s becoming more and more comfortable back there, and with the NFC east as horrid as it is, he may again have the Skins in playoff contention.

– Matt Barkley played long enough against the Cowboys yesterday to throw three INT’s, and he may get the START next week after Nick Foles suffered a concussion Sunday, ummm, yeah, can we just reunite Chip Kelly and Marcus Mariota already, please?

– I guess it’s a league mandate that a least one Manning has to get a win each week, as Eli(te) Manning and the Giants got their first win of the season over the Vikings. If they keep up this pace they’ll be back at .500 by uh, December. LOL…sorry.

15 Football Thoughts with the Professor: By @ProfessorCorria


1.)    The NFL is a man’s game, a grown ass man’s game. Can you move the grown man in front of you a few inches in order to get your team to where they want to be?


2.)    With that being said, what do you really expect from football players? These are modern day gladiators playing in modern day coliseums in front of the modern day mob. You expect guys who get paid to be savages for a living to be squeaky clean off the field? THEY GET PAID TO HURT OTHER MEN!!! Aldon Smith and Von Miller are products of their environments, suspend them and move on.


3.)    The Chicago Bears are NICE!!!!!! Their defense is always on point, but their O-line is giving Jay Cutler great protection and opening gaping holes for Matt Forte.

4.)    Owner, Coach, Quarterback. Owner, Coach, Quarterback. Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

5.)    Teams are built from the inside out. You must have a great QB, a good line, a good defensive line. Then you fit everything in around that. What good is having a Larry Fitzgerald if you don’t have a QB to throw it to him or an offensive line to protect that QB? What’s the point in having Deion Sanders if the defensive line in front of him can’t rush the QB?

6.)    The Seattle Seahawks are HardBody, my goodness. Great, physical, nasty defense. Stoic QB and a physical running game? Be afraid.

7.)    The Giants SUCK. They can’t protect their turnover prone QB, can’t run the ball or rush the passer. Yikes.


8.)    The Indianapolis Colts….PUNKED the San Francisco 49ers in their own house. WOW. Kaep looks awful, their D looks damaged, and the Colts lined up and put a hat on a hat and ran the ball down their throat. BULLY BALL.


9.)     Don’t look now but the Kansas City Chiefs are for real. Their defense is big and talented, and their offense is solid and physical. We’ll wait and see if Andy Reid’s poor clock management brings them down in the long run.


10.)   Speaking of defense, have you seen the New England Patriots? A big physical group that wants to get on you and maul you to death like a giant grizzly bear. I’m very skeptical to see if they maintain their current production.


11.)   The Miami Dolphins have two GREAT wins and it looks like Ryan Tannehill is developing quite nicely. Things could get interesting the AFC East.

12.)   The NFC East is ALWAYS overrated but they are taking it to new heights this year. I guess having 4 major media markets, coupled with the leagues original teams leads to a lot of hype. Just poor, very very poor.

St Louis Rams v Dallas Cowboys

13.)   However, the Cowboys have looked impressive on both sides of the ball this year. The running game will be the key to a possible deep playoff run this season. Unless…….Tony Romo messes everything up with his late game histrionics.

14.)   The Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets game was just plain awful. Disgusting, poorly played football game.


15.)   The Denver Broncos are VERY GOOD. Fin.

Tuesday Morning’s With The Professor: By @ProfessorCorria


A new tradition that we are starting her at #TTO will be a weekly Tuesday column during football season called “Tuesday mornings with the professor”. These posts will consist of 20 or so football thoughts with me, the one and only @ProfessorCorria. Without further ado, let’s get into it!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.) I’m beginning to wonder if Mike Shanahan is keeping Robert Griffin as the starting QB out of spite? He can’t run the read-option, which is the offense he needs to be successful, so why keep him out there? Is it because RGIII showed Shanahan up in the press leading up to the season? Hmmmmm

2.) Colin Kaepernick was supposed to be the “next” guy who could revolutionize the QB position , and move the league forward. Ehhhhhh not so fast, he’s a good player with potential, but we’ll see how good he is this year, when he has to deliver for a full season.

3.) Speaking of Kaep, my dear lawd did you see Seattle’s defense on Sunday night? That front 7 is absolutely TERRIFYING!!!!! It seemed like they were going to sack the QB on every single play. We’ll just have to wait and see how Pete Carroll keeps them from winning a championship this year. El oh El.


4.) Eli Manning has won two championships, give that man some respect. But he’s far from an elite QB. He makes way to many mistakes and he throws the ball up for grabs wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much. When you think of him winning a Super Bowl, the first image that comes to mind is a ball getting stuck on someone’s helmet. Good, but FAR from elite.

5.) Speaking of “Elite” quarterbacks, there are only 4: Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. There is a steep drop, then you can fill in the names as you see fit.

6.) The Patriots Receiving core is pretty good, don’t you think? 

7.) It’s fairly obvious that Bill Belicheck is a GREAT coach. However, Bill Belicheck, the GM keeps undermining Bill Belicheck the coach. Paint dry’s faster than New England gets to the Quarterback.

8.) The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team going in the wrong direction, the Cleveland Browns flat out suck, the Ravens have clearly taken a step back and the Bengals are still paper tigers for the time being, soooooooooo much for that AFC North.


9.) Speaking of the Raven’s……please don’t tell me that Joe Flacco is elite, because he’s barely even good. Same thing for Torrey Smith. I bet that Flacco isn’t laughing at Ray Lewis anymore?

10.) Ed Reed is the best Safety EVER. Ever, ever? Yes EVER.

11.) Matt Ryan is the most vanilla, regular, milk toast, average quarterback in the NFL. If you gave Aaron Rodgers Rody White and Julio Jones the whole league would have to duck.


12.) Blaine Gabbert is beyond terrible. That boy is softer than table butter, my gawd.

13.) The 49ers will NOT be making a repeat trip to the Super Bowl, injuries and attrition have reared their ugly heads and will keep San Fran from making another run.

14.) The Philadelphia Eagles will be 7-9 this year, as promised. And I’m being nice, they are a soft team and Michael Vick is made of paper mache. He won’t make it through the season unfortunately and both back up QB’s are terrible.

15.) Cam Newton is exciting and “looks” like he should be REALLY good, but he’s been painfully average. I’m rooting for him, but he needs to start taking better care of the football if he wants to be great.


16.) James Harrison is scary and stupid.

17.) Honestly we can’t take too much stock in anything after the 1st two weeks of the season except for the fact that the jaguars suck, Thursday night football is stupid, RGIII is still hurt and Chris Collinsworth is still annoying as hell.

18.) Ndamukong Suh is dirty as hell. So is Dashon Goldsen and Brandon Merriewather. But, back to Suh, bruh, why is your big ass chop blocking for ??


19.) The Denver Broncos look scary good so far, hopefully they don’t peak too soon. Happy to see Peyton Manning is playing as well as ever and has remained healthy.

20.) Thanks for reading, find me on twitter @professorcorria, see you guys next Tuesday!!!!!!!!!

Why We Love Football: BY @ProfessorCorria


Ah yes, it’s that time of year again where we separate the men from the mice and the Pit’s from the poodles. Yes ladies and gentleman, football season is upon us after what seems like such an agonizing, prolonged wait. The NFL is back, and with it comes our favorite pastime as we gather every Sunday and Monday night with family, friends or sometimes complete strangers to watch our favorite gladiators go to war over a finite amount of space to truly find out who is the better man. Yes, football is the modern day gladiator sport, as we stream into to modern day coliseums to watch the controlled carnage. The finest athletic specimens of our time hurdling toward each other at the speed of light, trying to take each other’s heads off. The NFL and college football, to some extent, have become “quarterback driven”, but the essence of football is can a grown man move another grown man a few feet in order to open up holes and create time for their quarterback. The NFL likes to market the royal elegance of the regal Tom Brady, the machine like precision of Peyton Manning, and the athletic grace of Calvin Johnson or Adrian Peterson, but if you take in an episode of “Hard Knocks” you can still see that the game is won and lost in the trenches. Football is a man’s game, its physical, it’s nasty, it’s carnal, and most players have to go to a deep dark place in order to summon up the necessary rage in order to compete against some of the world’s best athletes in such a physically demanding arena.


Football on Sunday is just as American as apple pie and has become engrained as part of our culture, with regular season game posting higher television ratings than a World Series game and NBA Finals game combined. Why has this sea change occurred? It seems like football has become an event every weekend and the Super Bowl has become almost a national holiday. Is it the carnage taking place on the field? Is it the gambling and fantasy football, which has become a cottage industry? Is it the fact that the sport is mostly played on one day, save for Monday night football and the occasional Thursday telecast? Maybe it’s a confluence of all those things, but whatever the reason, it seems as though we cannot get enough football, nothing seems to be able to placate our appetite for the sport. Football is the “Soap Opera” for the male species, we want every single snap is dissected, coaches decisions are constantly being second and triple guessed, and we tune in to sports talk radio, NFL Network and the seemingly endless amount of NFL shows on ESPN. We are all under the NFL’s spell like swooning teenagers ogling the pretty girl in our chemistry class. Our love affair with the NFL has even made college football the number 2 watched sport in America, as we watch pseudo professional kids compete every Thursday and Saturday.


The pads clashing, the smell of freshly manicured grass, the fans tailgating in the parking lot, prognosticators prognosticating, millions of fans in front of their flat screens with a beer in their hand and their mobile device in their other hand checking their fantasy stats. Ah yes, football is here, God is so good. Hope springs eternal in 32 different cities for 32 different fan bases as they dream of their team making it to the Super Bowl, this is what dreams are made of. There are too many storylines to even delve into, but even with the NFL and former players battling it out in court and the court of public opinion over head injuries, we the public still can’t get enough of this vicious blood sport. We thirst for football, we hunger for it, we wish the season would last 12 months instead of 5, we even watch that God awful shit show the NFL calls the Pro Bowl. I can’t wait for the bone rattling hits, the spectacular plays, and yes even the soap opera’ish daily coverage on several sports networks. Everyone fighting, from players on the field, coaches on the sideline, to fans in the stands. I’m ready for some football, are you?