15 Football Thoughts with the Professor: By @ProfessorCorria


1.)    The NFL is a man’s game, a grown ass man’s game. Can you move the grown man in front of you a few inches in order to get your team to where they want to be?


2.)    With that being said, what do you really expect from football players? These are modern day gladiators playing in modern day coliseums in front of the modern day mob. You expect guys who get paid to be savages for a living to be squeaky clean off the field? THEY GET PAID TO HURT OTHER MEN!!! Aldon Smith and Von Miller are products of their environments, suspend them and move on.


3.)    The Chicago Bears are NICE!!!!!! Their defense is always on point, but their O-line is giving Jay Cutler great protection and opening gaping holes for Matt Forte.

4.)    Owner, Coach, Quarterback. Owner, Coach, Quarterback. Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

5.)    Teams are built from the inside out. You must have a great QB, a good line, a good defensive line. Then you fit everything in around that. What good is having a Larry Fitzgerald if you don’t have a QB to throw it to him or an offensive line to protect that QB? What’s the point in having Deion Sanders if the defensive line in front of him can’t rush the QB?

6.)    The Seattle Seahawks are HardBody, my goodness. Great, physical, nasty defense. Stoic QB and a physical running game? Be afraid.

7.)    The Giants SUCK. They can’t protect their turnover prone QB, can’t run the ball or rush the passer. Yikes.


8.)    The Indianapolis Colts….PUNKED the San Francisco 49ers in their own house. WOW. Kaep looks awful, their D looks damaged, and the Colts lined up and put a hat on a hat and ran the ball down their throat. BULLY BALL.


9.)     Don’t look now but the Kansas City Chiefs are for real. Their defense is big and talented, and their offense is solid and physical. We’ll wait and see if Andy Reid’s poor clock management brings them down in the long run.


10.)   Speaking of defense, have you seen the New England Patriots? A big physical group that wants to get on you and maul you to death like a giant grizzly bear. I’m very skeptical to see if they maintain their current production.


11.)   The Miami Dolphins have two GREAT wins and it looks like Ryan Tannehill is developing quite nicely. Things could get interesting the AFC East.

12.)   The NFC East is ALWAYS overrated but they are taking it to new heights this year. I guess having 4 major media markets, coupled with the leagues original teams leads to a lot of hype. Just poor, very very poor.

St Louis Rams v Dallas Cowboys

13.)   However, the Cowboys have looked impressive on both sides of the ball this year. The running game will be the key to a possible deep playoff run this season. Unless…….Tony Romo messes everything up with his late game histrionics.

14.)   The Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets game was just plain awful. Disgusting, poorly played football game.


15.)   The Denver Broncos are VERY GOOD. Fin.