Allen Iverson and Vince Carter Trade 50 point games in 2001 Playoff Series (Video)

In the 2001 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals two of the best player of their era, Allen Iverson and Vince Carter, went head-to-head in an all out scoring duel. It was beautiful to watch two great scorers battle each other for 7 straight games, with Iverson eventually leading his team to the series win and the NBA Finals. Watch as Iverson goes for 54 in game 2, Carter counter with 50 in game 3 and then Iverson pour in 52 in game 5.

Allen Iverson goes for 54 points in game 2.

Vince Carter scores 50 points in game 3, while shooting 9/13 on three pointers.

Allen Iverson returns the favor by scoring 52 in game 5, while accepting his League MVP trophy!!